All That's Left of Us

Session 001-???: You're All That's Left of Us...

Arrival and First Thaw

Note: The majority of the first “play” session ended up being a second session of story jamming, so I’ve included all of that information in the prior post. This post and all that follow will focus almost entirely on chronicling the story as it unfolds through play.


solar time: 05:12:27:05 since the Last Transmission

We open with Miquiztli, shivering violently on the cold, dark metal floor of a cryo bay, splashed over with the same purple goo that she can’t stop vomiting in near-solid chunks. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen,” she knows, but can’t act for the intense, crippling cold that the thin medical cryo-jammies utterly fail to mitigate. She tries to direct her vomit towards what she immediately chooses to be her first Enemy of the Day: a pair of perfectly-polished black boots standing nearby. Predicting her act of aggression, one of the boots pushes her, forcibly rolling her to her back. She only succeeds in ejecting more of the goo all over herself. She tries to scramble up, but never gets the chance as the horrible clicking begins oh dear gods or whatever is kind make it stop fucking make it stop. The owner of the boots leans down over her and begins speaking, but the words fade out and are replaced by blasting klaxons, the purple glow of cryo fluid replaced with the bright red of emergency.

The horrible memory dissipates and she comes to her senses, her head throbbing with pain as the piercing drones of the alarms echo throughout. She is in the ruins of a floor-to-floor intra-deck lift, laying like a blanket over the unconscious form of Dr. Felix Faust, and wondering why none of the jagged and broken debris covering them pierced either of their bodies. There is an unholy amount of blood over every visible surface, but none of it theirs. That mess of disconnected viscera would be the former bomber…

…oh shit, there was a bomb! She remembers stepping onto the lift with Dr. Faust, chatting idly about something inconsequential, and then a third passenger stepping aboard immediately before the doors sealed. The passenger had turned to them with an intense look of hatred, screamed “Disaster!” and then slammed his chest hard. Everything then went first a deafening bright white and then an immediate blackness of nothing.

A groan of discomfort beneath her lets her know Faust is alive and awake. Well that’s at least one disaster averted. She’s still not sure how they survived such a close-proximity pulse explosion, but she remembers an intense desire to not die, and an unconscious tug on whatever the hell those weird new waves she’s been seeing happen to be. The almost paralyzing headache is probably a result of this, but she can’t let it hinder her, for both her sake and for Faust’s. She needs to survive, needs to live, and needs to get out of this blasted cramped ruin of a lift—

—and then she’s out, on top of its groaning structure, looking up through the shaft of the ship’s lift and reeling at left another sudden wave of headache, again wondering what the fuck did I just do?

Felix blinks, equally confused at the security agent’s complete vanishing. One moment she was laying on top of him, having apparently been taken with a sudden valorous inspiration to shield him from their assailant. The next, gone, and then quickly after calling back in from… wait, how did she get on top of this wreck? He looks for some way to access the ruined lift’s com-projector node, but finds it to be completely trashed due to the bomber’s unfortunate prior position of standing immediately in front of it at his chosen moment of final action. Damn. Making matters worse, the repulsors that hold the lift in transitory stasis are now clashing with the ship’s a-grav, creating an increasingly unpleasant pressure along parts of his body. The lift itself seems to be compressing in on itself, even. Danger!

Two floors up, a set of sealed lift doors slides apart, and Marlana the starship tech pokes her head through, calling down for survivors. She hooks a safety line to an inside hook placed for that purpose, then lowers herself down the rungs of the shaft to assist them. With Miquiztli’s assistance, they manage to pull Dr. Faust from the lift before it compresses further and drops three more decks down with the remainder of its gory contents. Unable to support all three of them, however, Marlana gives Miquiztli assess to a maintenance crawlspace and takes the more injured of their group up to the waiting care of Dr. Bryan Johnson.

As the tech, the scientist, and the doctor make their way out of the corridor and back toward MedBay, Miquiztli finds a pocket of space in the crawl tunnel and catches her breath, taking it all in very, very slowly…



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