All That's Left of Us

Session 006 - END CHAPTER ONE

Concluding the first chapter of the game…

First, some NOTES:
- Keyes knows of a shipping crate in Raw Matter, with a pressure seal, where someone from another crew set up their own private break room, table and chairs and cards, etc. It’s off the grid, unknown to anyone but Keyes and presumably the other person who’s been using it.
- When someone on the ship dies, we have a ceremony, then their body is sent to recycling in Hydroponics

Picking up from last time:
- Marlana has been promoted to Acting Chief of Engineering while all those above her are out of commission or dead, a position she doesn’t actually want. She takes off to attend to VERY IMPORTANT DUTIES (hull inspection following major G-Pressures, continued repair on the lift, getting ALL systems back on line, repairing computer virus damage, etc). She’ll be on this for the rest of the month, as more Engineers get thawed and brought online.
- They freeze Calliope in a cryo tube. Pretty much everyone is on board with this immediate decision.
- Keyes prepared for the interrogation of Cass McCabe. She accrued quite a mass of evidence, and planned out her strategy.
- We ran it as a three-stage conflict, and Faust assisted with bonus rolls.
- Keyes pretty much knocked it out of the park! Cass initially played confused, then in the end turned psycho violent. It actually seemed quite out of character…
- Cass screamed things like “She is coming and we’re all doomed, doom we deserve!” and other apocalyptic babble.
- Johnson had a secret debriefing with the other new captain, Eva Iltchenko, currently thought to be Molly Jackson. He explained the situation to her while she was conscious.
- Habib was assigned the honor of attending the actual new captain, Rafaela Cordova. She is making progress quite rapidly, already moving around via wheelchair.
- Faust set to work also calculating how to correct the ship’s course. Turns out his suspicions were spot on: Calliope set them on a hard course for the system’s sun!
- After a lot of calculations, Faust was able to figure out a way to correct the course, and only add 37 hours to the arrival time! They’d have to skip the sequence 9 and 10 planets entirely, however, missing out on valuable research opportunities. He commits the plan, and consults with navigation to get things in order.
- Faust and Keyes had a night of drinking and chatting, and it was fairly emotional. Faust got a blood sample from Keyes!
- Cass McCabe is sentenced to death by Captain Cordova, on charges of endangering the life of everyone on board the ship, potentially wiping out humanity as we know it.
- Faust and Keyes arrange to kidnap her instead, taking her to the hidden spot in Raw Matter (yay for Chekov’s Gun!). In her place, one of the casualties from the earlier gravity shift crisis is sent to recyclying, with a hacked biodata tag.
- Johnson hacked her biodata-tag to report something else entirely, so he could track her movements in and out of Raw Matter

We end this Chapter with the following notes:
- The next session will start with a one-month jump in time.
- Cass is currently being secretly held in Raw matter, a fact known only to Keyes, Johnson, and Faust.
- Everyone has acquired 13 XP (this makes them level 3). Note that Tech Op characters get one extra Skill Point with each new level, effectively giving them 15 skill points for advancements.
- Next up: we need to design the short range ship! =)

Some goofs!
- We mentioned that no word was made of Calliope by the new captain. That was because I didn’t think of it at the time. But yes, Calliope Bennet would also be sentenced to death for her role in the Crisis. It’s impossible to actually pin the murder of the Captain on her, though, without establishing proof of her brain-melting ability (something so far without scientific basis in understanding).
- This also means that Bryan Johnson is going to be given orders from his “shadow boss” to prevent Calliope’s death somehow. The new Captain wants her dead, given lethal drugs while in Cryo. The Shadow Boss wants her kept alive in Cryo, for further studying. Conflict!!



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