All That's Left of Us

Session 005 - Concluding the Manhunt

(copied from player note log)

March 29th, 2015 – RK

last time:
- Bryan Johnson had an attempt on his life, detected the poison as he
sipped from his morning coffee, he’s an android of course, so couldn’t
be poisoned
- During autopsy, revealed that Captain’s head was grabbed and his
head and brain were melted, then his body sliced and diced by a
microfilament knife.
- Bryan Johnson swapped two pods in order to bring another Captain out
from the thaw soon.
- Attempt on Felix’s life, in the science lab, power was cut, gas
released, Felix took care of him
- While Keyes & Marlana were working out and discussing the Captain’s
murder, Ghazan came in to chew Keyes out for not going to Medical,
and then collapsed after ignoring his mom, Marlana, and then fell into a coma.
- every level is on lockdown after Ghazan’s murder, the team
is on the lookout for The Symbol that Keyes identified (tattooed on
Felix’s attacker [Lars Einhildur, member of Eng. team]).

this time!
- Bryan identified the hand-print of the person who melted the Captain’s
brain, but he can’t remember, v strange since he’s a friggin’ robot
- Keyes, about half a day ago, started a massive relational query on
information regarding suicide bomber/captain killer/engineer attempted-
murderer-of-Felix. Learned a name: Calliope Bennett, learned as we all
walk in to Cryo for the interrogation:
- now it’s time to interrogate the entirety of the thawed crew!
1 – finish medical/cryo
2 – command/security
– – concurrentlyset a team hydroponics/habitation/science
3 – get down to engineering

in Cryo, Calliope’s name comes up, who is down in Engineering. Bryan
leads the group into Cass McCabe (head of cryo)‘s office.
- Keyes gets a precognition moment!! In an office, very cold, managing
shifts, "these seven people should be moved to this shift, and these
other people should be moved over here, we’re all going to die anyway,"
then N rolled very well and was able to learn three details of the room:
1-date and time – 9 days ago
2-look at own hands, distinguishing features, wedding ring
3-up to three names – one is Calliope, orchestrator
- still in vision: is in a lab, reaching into purple goo, rolls up
sleeve of white lab coat, grabs bulb of some kind, puts it in a plastic
bag, closes it, puts it in her pocket
- Back to regular! Everyone in Cass McCabe’s office. Cass has a
wedding ring, like in Keyes’ vision, and is also wearing a lab coat.
- We manage to convince Cass she needs to submit to a blood test,
since Felix is such a chahmah
- Keyes calls Marlana over while Felix & Bryan distract/talk to Cass,
Marlana hacks the system & finds about a dozen files relating to
“special circumstances,” and sends it on to both Keyes & Marlana.
One name is Keyes’, Marlana & Keyes share a glance.
- Cass offers Felix a tour, he agrees after the kerfufflin’
- Keyes asks to be taken to empty-pod-zone, active, unoccupied pods,
looking for the pod in which the bulb was having
- We find the pod housing all the poison bulbs being grown with a faked
display. Bryan hacks the pod and gets a real visual view, sets an
alarm to alert him when the pod is opened.
- Marlana tries to seal Cass in the office on the way out, didn’t work.
- Keyes tries it too, fails spectacularly, loses her automated
security clearance.
- Team told to head down to Engineering, plans on doing so, thus skipping
- Bryan walks back into Cryo. Keyes plans to arrest Bryan for obstruction
of justice. BRYAN STUNS CASS!
- Gravity gives out. This shouldn’t happen. Marlana’s fine with zero-g,
everyone else is a little less so. Marlana goes to get mag-boots for
Felix & Keyes.
- Felix tries to get her out of the chair, fails to do so, so he straps
her in the chair. He removes all McCabe’s security/medical access.
- Keyes gets all wiggly and weird about McCabe, hears the screaming of
the captain, and Bryan checks her for The Symbol as a tattoo, not

- Decide to take the central shaft. Everybody suits up even though
there is atmosphere, just to be safe.
- Keyes gets down to where the elevator blockage is. Lucy Belcour is
there, dead, with all the tools she was using to free the blockage.
- Gravity shifts and everyone but Felix gets slammed into the wall.
- Group leaves the shaft as the gravity continues to shift. It is
evident that the acceleration is picking up. We head down the access
shaft and suit up to do so.
- At the bottom of raw matter, the marching order is Keyes, Marlana,
Felix, and Bryan picks up the rear. Carefully going through door
by door.
- Keyes asks if there’s any other area to get secretly through Eng.
Marlana says there is, it’s where the carbon matter compilers are,
typically really hot, but dead-cold right now.
- We approach the security and central engineering command station.
- The door creaks as it opens, a blast lands just to the right of Keyes’
head, Keyes dives behind a panel, and Marlana runs in and hits the
woman in the center (probably Calliope) for a really good whallop.
- Calliope appears to be three people all psi-crazy, Bryan sees that
it’s just one person, moving astronomically fast.
- Marlana subdues Calliope totally, after she shoots Midgley point-blank
in the head.
- Marlana gets acceleration back down/off, comm back on-line, then
sends a sitrep to command, “midgley down but not dead, perpetrator
subdued, acceleration back off, we are working on the remaining Eng
systems, awaiting orders”
- Keyes assembles list of those woken outside of schedule.
- Keyes’ data has been removed from her file.
- Marlana has received a “field promotion” due to her high rank &
Midgley’s unconsciousness. Marlana & Faust are tasked with fixing
it all.
- Keyes calls Caroline Perez, head of security, down to cryo, where
she shows her the pod full of the poison organic bulbs, and then puts
the dots together versus Cass and Calliope.



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