All That's Left of Us

Session 007 - The Gym Rat Trio

First 40 minutes taken by Rachel
Chekhov’s Storage Crate!

welcome hayley

keyes discovered hidden shipping crate at 2:30.
description of ship
order given to thaw more security icemen after captain’s murder & attempt on life of cmdr of security
“everybody on command list is on the list to get killed”
description of shipping crate chill zone :) a cot, magazines, videos, some booze, & a fine layer of space dust, hahaha
we managed to stop Calliope before she managed to direct the ship into the sun, we were very fast finding the mole & getting calliope stopped.
lift shaft is clear from bomb explosion, lift nearly repaired
Calliope was frozen immediately after the altercation.
Keyes’ & Faust’s Interrogation of Cass McCabe went very well, got her babbling about doomsday cult p quickly
Bryan Johnson had secret debrief with new captain, explaining everything, & that she would be known as molly jackson.
faust rolled exceptionally well as well to prevent delay as a result of bombing & redirection – delay is only 37h
faust & keyes, faust tells keyes that she’s psi (“you’re a freak”) and gets a blood sample from her & from other people she’s suspicious of
made a secret decision on the way to recycling to swap cass mccabe’s body with someone else’s
BECAUSE there’s still some info we don’t have, who is she working for

Mid 30s, pro wrestler turned bodyguard for one of the companies who helped fund the expedition & the ship, minor celebrity
stage name to come :)
represented by actress who plays Brienne of Tarth

marlowe ghazan is in a coma. midgley is braindead.



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