All That's Left of Us

Session 008 - Space Jam Cryo Bros

Alternity 5/30/2015 -

We left off last time with The Adventurers, In A Bar, after introducing Victoria. There was a signal, some kind of transmission from somewhere in the nearby asteroid ring.

Calliope is frozen rather than recycled, Miquiztli can her her screaming, and she told Faust that Bryan Johnson is hiding her (and other things?) from us.

What to do with Faust since Justin isn’t able to play any more at this time?

We’re making a b-team as an opposing kind of character to our mains.

Herman Kennedy, Botanist and jam-band bro
– loves zero-g volleyball
– made the escape den! the one that cass made really rank.
– when mason and herman found out they were both on the ship, both were really excited, but then herman got crew & mason got specialist, so mason was on ice through the whole trip and herman would be ~15y older than mason by the end
– has a Thing with Miquiztli, she hates it and thinks Herman’s a stupid hippie manchild BUT can’t resist. They got drunk and hooked up at the launch party, Keyes reluctantly resumed after defrosting, (think xander & cordy)
Evka Sorinova, diplomat and representative of the Council
– from a serious corporatized “legitimate” crime organization
– card: “humiliated cashmere koch on launch day”
– card: “allegiances regarding the council aren’t clear, and victoria found out”
– is NOT sterilized, unlike the rest of the ship members
– Doctor Bryan Johnson looks like one of Evka’s family members’ guests at large family functions
Mason James, physical scientist (chemistry, geology), very practical
– acrobatics,
– a tie to ghazan spencer from when ghazan was young, because of a cryo malfunction early on in his ice sleep.

Victoria was a bodyguard of one of Evka’s family members

Marlana, Keyes, Mason, Faust, and Victoria go on the away mission to the asteroid belt, ****FOR NEXT TIME****

Those left behind: Herman, Evka, Bryan.

Councilwoman Sorinova, and all of the other of the selected 7 council members, are being awoken. Dr Bryan Johnson is there to attend to her. He doesn’t fill her in on anything.

Herman was awakened sooner than others to prepare more food in Hydroponics, at the same time as all the extra security.

Dr Bryan Johnson also wakes up Cashmere Koch. Has a few activation questions/tests as she is a Psionic. She asks “is the ship gone” and some other nonsense sounding questions, “when is now”, is really sluggish, late 40s. Absolutely on the list of psionics.

Over in Hydroponics, Herman has had TIME to study and study. Is a serious scientist, even while “extremely chill.” Was a post-graduate research assistant, has a few dozen hydroponics patents. Was friends with Cass McCabe as another research assistant.

Going back in time a bit: Cass is still alive. She has been moved to Herman’s chillzone den. Cass has not yet broken in the den-box. Herman is a few days from getting off bedrest. Herman knows that the former captain is dead & that there was an explosion, and that the Incident in Engineering has been addressed.

Before they leave for the asteroid field mission:
Keyes comes to see Herman on business, Herman’s happy to see her but Keyes is asking about the bulb and why he was cultivating it, it was genuinely just to get high but he was also doing experiments on it, had no idea Cass was using the plant to poison people. Keyes shows him the plant, he asks her to put it in a plastic bag with a little water, she says she’ll watch it for a little while. Keyes touches Herman on the shoulder and says bye, but in that moment they both see from each other’s perspective, makes them both puke, Keyes says she’ll check on him in a few days as Bryan Johnson comes in, asks hey are you ok, what’s happening.

Herman pings Keyes and she comes down to Med to talk. Herman tells her that he wants to preserve the plant for medical purposes, Keyes brings him over to Faust’s still of gin, and they talk, then Herman puts the moves on. During This, Keyes has a flashback of being covered in and puking the purple goo. There’s someone who was standing over her, trying to grapple her, she becomes deadweight & gets out of it.

Comes to, covered in purple goo. Person has hold on her hair and is “talking” to her, and she hears the click of a pen. She feels vomit coming up and spits goo on the person’s leg. As the person hauls her up by her hair, she goes “dead weight” and knocks them off-kilter, but they recover and start hauling her down a hallway, saying, “It’s your turn.”

She is hauled into a room, she recognizes an open cryopod, but inside there is blue goo instead of purple. Keys has a flash of insight, noting that the person hauling her along the floor is responding to her feelings, not her words. She pulls up an image from her past, from a military operation where The Jaguars were under open fire and trying to extract themselves from an aborted mission. She projects that image into the person’s brain, and the other’s hand releases her hair and pushes her away in reaction.

Keys rolls away with the momentum of the push, coming against a bank of machinery. Still without the ability to see clearly, she searches for a nearby hiding space. Determining that the best course of action would actually be to go over the bank of machinery behind her, she hauls herself up and over… only to come face to face with a “sleeping” Ghazan Spencer, inside his own blue-goo pod.

At that point, the face of Spencer melts into the face of Herman and she rolls away from him.

She comes back to it, rolls away from smooch-forward Herman, wigs out a little, and Herman goes to get her some water and some space. She brings him back to Med and says good night and leaves.

Herman remembers he has a bunch of buds in his secret Den.



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