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Note on Dates

The dating notation uses the letters BL (Before Launch) and AL (After Launch), relative to the actual launch of Legacy Alpha and the beginning of its voyage into the stars. Calendar dates are otherwise based on the standard Earth calendar.

Before the Launch

  • BL16: Dr. Felix Faust discovers the massive asteroid that is on a collision course with the Earth, expected to arrive in 27 years and destroy all life as we know it.
  • BL15: Knowing that time is extremely limited, Faust secretly clones himself to create his own personal think tank. Working together, the clones are able to create and enact plans for a grand human exodus to colonize nearby solar systems. The Legacy Project begins.
  • BL??: (from Miq’s past: a military operation where The Jaguars were under open fire and trying to extract themselves from an aborted mission.)
  • BL??: Herman Kennedy meets Cass McCabe in post-grad studies at College.
  • BL??: Victoria Wood gains acclaim as The Red Devil in underground power armor wrestling circuits.
  • BL6: Marlana Spencer gives birth to Marlo Ghazan Spencer.
  • BL0/AL0, June 20th: The Launch Ceremony occurs. (Fill this out!) Herman and Miquiztli get sauced and hook up.
  • BL0/AL0, June 29th: With the final load of cryogenics secured, Legacy Alpha leaves its berthing in Earth’s orbit. Crew #1 is on duty.

After the Launch (Pre-Game)

  • AL??: Captain #3, Chandra Kapoor, suffers a violent mental breakdown and is put back on ice in Special Cryo Containment. Captain #4, Konstantiv Ortov, is woken many years before expected scheduled duty to assume command.
  • AL135, January 4th, 1420 Hours: Legacy Alpha emerges from the Long Drift, arriving at the far edge of the Arpeggio System. Captain Matthias Albright is in commend. Crew #9 is active, while Crew #1 is three weeks into the thaw-onboarding process. Handwave Drive Core is ejected into space. Comms receives mass dump of communications collected from the 135-year silence. After many broadcasts of increasingly distressing news, one final message from home sits heavy on everyone’s mind: "You’re all that’s left of us. Good luck out there, Alpha, and God bless.”

Game Begins

  • AL135, January 10th, 0247 Hours: Security Agent Ao Kaze attempts to assassinate Dr. Felix Faust via suicide bombing, on the main lift that connects all the decks. Kaze succeeds in exploding himself, but Faust is saved by mysterious forces emanating from his bodyguard Miquiztli.
  • AL135, ????:
  • AL135, ????: Calliope Bennett murders Captain Matthias Albright in his quarters. Dr. Bryan Johnson M.D. follows protocol and wakes the next captain (#6), Rafaela Cordova. Additionally, he switches some pod registers around and schedules captain #8, Eva Iltchenko, to be woken under the guise of Molly Spencer, Security Agent.
  • AL135, ????: Additional murder attempts are made against Faust, Chief Engineer Lon Midgley, Security Commander Ghazan Spencer, and Dr. Bryan Johnson M.D.
  • AL135, ????: Bennett attempts to set Legacy Alpha on a doomsday course into the system’s sun, but is stopped by the combined efforts of Miquiztli, Marlana Spencer, Dr. Bryan Johnson M.D., and Faust. Bennett is placed in Special Cryo Containment, along with her accomplice Cryogenics Chief Dr. Cass McCabe.
  • AL135, ????:
  • AL135, ????:
  • AL135, ????:
  • AL135, ????: An unknown signal from the outer Asteroid Belt is received by Comms. With only a limited window of availability for travel, Faust quickly assembles a team to investigate the signal, using the system spacecraft.
  • AL135, ????:

Story Timeline

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